Arlene can sit next to me if he wants to.


Would you eat the last cookie on the plate if other people were watching?

How long are you planning to stay?

All children do not like apples.

I'm just a teacher.

The only thing that matters is what you do today, yesterday is gone.

I can't read without glasses.

The Latin language is not entirely unknown to me, but I altogether lack the ability to speak it.

I want you to pay attention.

You are repulsive.

Lenora wouldn't have done that if we hadn't asked him to.

Whatever you do, don't push this button.

Her approval is important to me.

The length of a day or a year varies but little.

The flow is not that strong.

You're wrong. I'm not pessimistic but sceptic.


Does Betsy have a bicycle?


Beat the eggs.

This ticket is available for a whole year.

Clem is a very good boxer.

I didn't tell on you.

It was a huge increase.

Stupidity is no excuse.

Is there anything else you can tell me?


I'm a good sailor.

When actors decide to become musicians, they usually become pigeonholed quickly.

Greg hopes that Herbert won't find out the truth.

I guess I'll catch Douglas later then.

They have done away with uniforms at that school.

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He began to fall in love with his co-worker Benson.

I'm only a freshman.

A South African man and his brother helped to start a software company; when the company was bought out, he owned seven percent of the common shares and made a large capital gain on the sale.

You must catch the animal alive.

Bruce is in prison.


Everybody knows that he is honest.

You're made for each other.

Would you like to be my apprentice?


He persists in his confidence.

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I thought I was going to suffocate on the crowded train.

I found the pencil I lost.

Our father, who is in heaven.

We won't have much time.

In retrospect, that decision was a mistake.

There's too much money in these accounts.

The blue lines on the map represent rivers.

But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.

Pamela rented an apartment on Park Street.


Spike has a dynamic personality.

Sergio doesn't seem to like me.

I don't trust them.

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He is probably going to win the next elections.

We only have a few hours until dark.

Vishal was a cop for 13 years.

A pedestrian needs to cross the street at a crosswalk.

I didn't manage to see who it was.

Laurel stole your ring.

Dan refused to give the phone to Linda.

Naomi often goes out drinking with his friends.

It's just what it looks like.

What are your other choices?

May I set the table?

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I am interested in palm reading.

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You should be feeling better soon.

Nora doesn't sound very optimistic.

You should only count on yourself--but even then, not too much.

She is currently in danger.

Do you want to know what the real problem is?

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Polly made his suggestion very tactfully.

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Not less than 10 people were arrested for being involved in the riot.

That's just what Andrea needs.

At one time there were many slaves in America.

He keeps surprising me.

He's against the facts.

It works for us.

He was lying on the grass.

You can take care of things like a secretary.

Christofer broke a glass.

Please refrain from smoking without permission.

All of us talk in English.


Omar noticed sick people everywhere.

You can count on him.

Please wake me up at six tomorrow morning.

I had a really nice time tonight.

The faucet is leaking.

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Here we explain about creating outlines of characters and paths.

Oscar did some backflips on the trampoline.

Kyung went back to where he had met Dylan earlier.

You've probably got someplace to go.

Ravindran isn't the kind of guy who gives up easily.

By the register of 1764, it appears that the population amounted to 20,100,000.

The bread is old and hard.


You should've woken me.


I have absolutely no intention of ever doing that again.

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I will never agree to it.

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While I was coming home I saw him, but he pretended that he hadn't seen me.

We have to get out of here tonight.

I suppose it couldn't be helped.

You'll die soon.

Be punctual for appointments, otherwise you'll lose face.


The waves dashed against the seawall.

I am in the habit of going for a walk before breakfast.

Ann takes after his father in a lot of ways.

I think that I came too early.

"The sun is yellow." "That depends on your perspective. I am of the opinion that yellowness is sunny."

I never did get it right.

Becky's useless.


The typical middle-class American baby comes home from the hospital to sleep in his own bed in his own room.

I don't want to disturb you.

Who's your favorite hockey player?

I can't ever do anything to please Teruyuki.

She sings like an angel.


The same holds good of us students.

The doctor told Gene that his hair will grow back.

He was standing there with a vacant look.

Where do I go then?

You have helped me so much, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude.

Don't expect charity from them.

I suffered through all sours but didn't find bitter than needing people.

You know very well that they don't want to, and won't, listen to you. Why preach to deaf ears?

Terry is on our side.


Albatros around one's neck

I told Simon which one I like.

Is anybody else in the house?


That car is no doubt in an awful condition.

I have always been very passionate about politics.

I lie on my face.

Sedat is getting ready to go.

The delinquent boy was arraigned for stealing a bicycle.

Jared got in the boat.

I go to work every day.

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Your friends will miss you.

She cared for the children.

Whenever I find a new word or meaning, I write it down in this list.

They have kids.

Diana pulled the emergency brake.

Why do you hate me?

They are so tired that they can't study.

Tell Toufic Neal has already told John.

We don't know what they want to use it for.


It's almost time for dinner.

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Tell me, briefly, what happened.

She told him to study.

Would you like to hear about what I did last summer?

Samuel has a foot fetish.

Harmon was about to burst into tears.

Last week I underwent LASIK, an eye operation to fix my vision.

I don't blame Darci one bit.

Can you see the picture?

Working for peanuts is all very well.

I want to visit Boston again.

Sanand hung his coat on a hook.

A ship which conveys oil is called an oil tanker.

Bret seemed to be surprised.

Daniel forgot to tell us not to drink the tap water.

Please don't throw anything out.

It's hardly a secret.

What a coincidence!

I'm worried about what'll happen if Valentin wins.

I was told the news by Hashimoto.


Dying is nothing. So start with living, it's less funny and it lasts longer.

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My eyes are sore.

The boys climbed up the tree faster than a pack of squirrels.

In case you sleep, set the alarm.


She doesn't have any deep convictions.

I'm not going to live here.

I understood your feelings and thoughts even without words.

Excuse me. Is this the pharmacy?

How many degrees are you planning on earning?